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Leader company in Valve Manufacturing in Mexico and in the world.


Manufacture valves for the purpose of meeting customer needs in compliance with standards.


Responsibility, passion, integrity, quality, innovation, persistence, honesty.

Tysa de MÉXICO

About Us

Since 1974 in valves market, TYSA de México is a Mexican company Manufacturing of Manual and Automatic Valves. LAVSA brand, which are applied to any type of fluid that with great advantage, replace the various types of Industrial Valves.
Our company aims to offer solutions. So we provide services in Comprehensive Consulting and Valve Maintenance according to the specific requirements or applications required.



Our service process

Asesoría en Válvulas


Create solutions with our experts while maintaining the operational continuity of your process.



Choice of equipment and material for the construction of your valve.

Producción de Válvulas


Product development (design, mold manufacturing, parts machining, assembly).

Acabado de Válvulas

surface finishing

Review and coating of the product.

Entrega de la Válvula


Sending of material to the destination facilities of the company.

Capacitación técnica de Válvulas


Industrial Advisors for especific applications.

Services & solutions

Industrial Market

Válvulas aplicadas en la industria
We provide solutions in drinking water systems, water treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, waste management, muddy and viscous fluids in order to regulate and reduce the high pressure of the liquids.
meneria We create equipment specialized in the processing of liquids and food, and we advise you on the correct selection of materials to avoid the appearance of infectious agents that can contaminate solids and liquids.
We have services for the solution to energy sectors in the regulation of pressure and energy supply, with electrical and pneumatic equipment, according to the client’s needs.
We offer solutions in mineral and metal applications, improving production continuity thanks to our valves in extraction processes and equipment such as grinding, cyclone, flotation cells, filters, roasters, slag, demineralization and electrolytic process.
meneria We develop equipment with the appropriate characteristics for the rigid conditions that require activities such as refining, oil well regulation, tank ventilation, among others.

We have valves designed to prevent pressurized gases and vapors from
escaping, which is why we develop high security products that are resistant to
high pressures and large storage of chemical products.



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